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Turn Key Projects

We stand behind our energy efficiency findings and recommendations and can supply variety of measures as a Turn-Key Project. Here is a short list of special solutions we can deliver as part of Continuous Optimization Implementation Phase or generic energy efficiency project:

VACON - Variable Frequency Speed Drives

Variable Frequency Speed Drives

We represent Variable Frequency Speed Drives for HVAC by VACON. VACON VFDs are eligible for BC Hydro incentive, should the simple payback period exceed 2 years. These speed drives are compact type with built-in AC Chokes, RFI and EMC filters are can be supplied with variety of communication cards: BACnet, LonWorks, MODbus etc., for easy and inexpensive integration with existing control system. Please refer to following online energy savings calculator to get quick estimate of how much energy and money you can save with VACON speed drives or simply click here to contact us.

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Heat Recovery

Steam condensate contains approximately 20% of the total energy measured by steam meter and its temperature is close to water boiling point. If condensate is not returned to steam supplier, it must be cooled down by mixing it with Domestic Cold Water and then disposed of into sewage system. This way both Domestic cold water and energy contained in condensate are literally flushed down the drain. We are able to recover heat energy from hot condensate and return it to heating system or Domestic Hot Water while cooling it down without any usage of Domestic Cold Water providing savings on energy and potable water. Similar Heat Recovery is available for standard natural gas fired boilers.

IB Consulting and Technologies Click here to see example of implemented Heat Recovery Project

DDC Programming

Having trouble with your DDC system or supplier? Whether it is complex sequence of operation and they run out of memory, limitations of their programming tool or networking capacity or capability, we can integrate Building Management Controller with your existing DDC system and using Free-programming tool we can program any sequence of operation and extend DDC network without costly upgrade or change of your current system.

Sub Metering

With energy prices on the rise it becomes more and more important to bill tenants according to their actual energy use and not based on the square footage of rented space. Many tenants invest into energy efficiency measures and behavioural changes, just to be disappointed if their monthly energy bill is not reduced. We can provide sub-metering solution which could be used for energy allocation or direct billing of the tenant using cost effective meters equipped with communication capabilities, so they can be easily integrated into existing Building Management System.

IB Consulting and Technologies Click here to download information about M-bus meters.

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Energy Efficiency:

• Energy Consulting
• Continuous Optimization
• Energy management 
• Remote Monitoring

Building System Integration:

• BACnet, Lonworks, Metasys N2
• Access Control and Security
• Lighting Control
• Property Management Systems

DDC System Consulting:

• Specification
• Tender documents
• Implementation Co-ordination
• Final Verification

Turn Key Projects:

• Variable Frequency Drives
• Heat Recovery
• DDC programming
• Sub metering