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DDC System Consulting

Specification: performance of DDC system is determined at its conception. We build DDC specifications with several goals in mind: end user comfort, energy efficiency, flexibility and openness. We implement special devices and sequences of operation which will increase end user comfort when space is occupied and reduce energy use when space is not occupied. Good example of this strategy is implementation of Motion Detectors or integration of existing Motion Detectors used by Access Control System or Security Systems, Air Quality sensors and Frequency Speed Drives to create true Demand Controlled Ventilation. Use of open protocols will ensure that end user will not remain at the mercy of one DDC supplier, but will have freedom to choose the best product and/or service from other suppliers.

Tender Documents

We help end users to run proper Tender process and select the best solution by providing comprehensive Tender Documentation, which is unambiguous, clear and easy to understand.

Implementation Co-ordination

Very often selected suppliers are “left alone” during implementation process, giving the impression that original specification serves as a vague guide line and not as a detailed project. This way supplier can deviate from original plan or either internationally or unintentionally “cut the corners”. When commissioning agent finds these deviations at the end of the implementation, it is usually too late and compromises are being made, which can negatively affect the original design intent. In order to prevent this, we provide Co-ordination through-out the entire implementation process making sure that selected supplier will provide the best solution according to design intent.

Final Verification

During the first year of the new system lifetime it is extremely important to verify that DDC system was programmed properly. Very often project are finished in summer providing proper control during cooling season but DDC provider must come back in winter time to make sure that heating is properly fine-tuned as well. We use indicators and trend logs specified at very beginning of the project to provide meaningful information to the end-user and DDC programmer to make sure that DDC system behaves according to original design intent under various load conditions at highest efficiency.

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Energy Efficiency:

• Energy Consulting
• Continuous Optimization
• Energy management 
• Remote Monitoring

Building System Integration:

• BACnet, Lonworks, Metasys N2
• Access Control and Security
• Lighting Control
• Property Management Systems

DDC System Consulting:

• Specification
• Tender documents
• Implementation Co-ordination
• Final Verification

Turn Key Projects:

• Variable Frequency Drives
• Heat Recovery
• DDC programming
• Sub metering