About IB Consulting & Technologies

IB in our name stands for Intelligent Buildings since Intelligent Buildings have potential to become most energy efficient as well. Unfortunately, installation of Building Automation System (BAS) or other electronic system does not automatically mean that building will operate at the highest efficiency. What matters most is how the system is programmed - this determines system's day-to-day operation under different load conditions.

Company was established in 2007 by Miro Kristof, P.Eng. who has more than 20 years experience in Building Controls and HVAC systems from two continents: Europe and North America.

Before launching IBCT , Miro held various management positions in Honeywell, Delta Controls and Sempa Power. Miro was member of Honeywell’s European Center of Excellence which focused on development of new Building Controls products. At Delta Controls, he was responsible for European and South-East USA market as a Technical Account Manager. With Sempa Power, Miro was overseeing remote Energy Management of more than 35 sites across Canada, mostly in Hospitality Market.

Throughout his career, Miro was involved in dozens of projects in Europe and North America ranging from Airport Security and Access Control, integrated HVAC, Access, Lighting Control and Security in office buildings to networking of multiple buildings at University Campuses and School Districts over internet. All these projects had one common goal: to provide intelligent building solution which would result in highest energy efficiency.

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Energy Efficiency:

• Energy Consulting
• Continuous Optimization
• Energy management 
• Remote Monitoring

Building System Integration:

• BACnet, Lonworks, Metasys N2
• Access Control and Security
• Lighting Control
• Property Management Systems

DDC System Consulting:

• Specification
• Tender documents
• Implementation Co-ordination
• Final Verification

Turn Key Projects:

• Variable Frequency Drives
• Heat Recovery
• DDC programming
• Sub metering