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Building System Integration

BACnet, Lonworks, Metasys N2 – traditionally Building Automation System vendors used proprietary protocols and it is not unusual to have control systems from different vendors installed in one building/campus or to have different versions from one vendor not able to communicate to each other. We can bring these different systems into common platform with one graphical interface - web based or conventional.

Access Control and Security

By integrating Access Control and Security systems with Building Automation System we can achieve unprecedented synergy and improvement of occupant comfort. Imagine that by swiping Access Control Card in order to get access to your office the Building Automation System changes into Occupied State from Energy Conservation mode, lights turn ON etc. Or in the case of Fire all Emergency Exits routes would automatically lit-up and exit doors would unlock. End user will also use one common graphical interface for all integrated systems simplifying and reducing the operator training.

Lighting Control

Lights represent significant electrical load in the building and integration of lighting system with Motion Detectors used by Security System or HVAC Schedules can dramatically reduce energy used by lighting system while still providing maximum comfort level for the end users.

Property Management Systems

hospitality market is unique in a sense that large portion of the building infrastructure usage depends on occupancy. Energy used to heat and cool Hotel Rooms represents largest portion of hotel’s monthly energy bill (preparation of Domestic Hot Water represents second largest heat energy). Careful control of temperature in hotel rooms can increase guest’s comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Traditionally heating and cooling equipment is controlled by local thermostats adjusted by the guest. When the room becomes vacant, it is up to house cleaning personnel to change the temperature setting of the thermostat and turn off the lights. In many cases, the temperature setting remains unchanged and vacant rooms are using the same amount of energy as sold rooms. Integration between Property Management System and Fan-Coil Unit Controllers can solve this issue by automatically switching between Occupied and Unoccupied status of the hotel room.

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Energy Efficiency:

• Energy Consulting
• Continuous Optimization
• Energy management 
• Remote Monitoring

Building System Integration:

• BACnet, Lonworks, Metasys N2
• Access Control and Security
• Lighting Control
• Property Management Systems

DDC System Consulting:

• Specification
• Tender documents
• Implementation Co-ordination
• Final Verification

Turn Key Projects:

• Variable Frequency Drives
• Heat Recovery
• DDC programming
• Sub metering