International Projects

Molex Production Site Slovakia (2000):

  • Integration of Access Control, Time Attendance

  • Fire Protection, Burglary System and CCTV

  • DDC System into one system using common Graphical Interface.
    (Enterprise System Integrator by Honeywell)

Equitable Building, Atlanta, Georgia (2004):

  • Access Control upgrade

Masaryk University, Brno Campus:

  • DDC system Architecture with integration of Burglary System

  • Fire Protection, Energy Metering and Access Control

Sea World Orlando, Florida:

  • networking of DDC system across more than 20 buildings

  • DDC programming

  • BACnet integration

IB Consulting and Technologies Molex Production Site Slovakia IB Consulting and Technologies Equitable Building, Atlanta, Georgia IB Consulting and Technologies Masaryk University, Brno Campus IB Consulting and Technologies Sea World Orlando, Florida

Energy Efficiency:

• Energy Consulting
• Continuous Optimization
• Energy management 
• Remote Monitoring

Building System Integration:

• BACnet, Lonworks, Metasys N2
• Access Control and Security
• Lighting Control
• Property Management Systems

DDC System Consulting:

• Specification
• Tender documents
• Implementation Co-ordination
• Final Verification

Turn Key Projects:

• Variable Frequency Drives
• Heat Recovery
• DDC programming
• Sub metering